Why local businesses love our Marketplace

Marketplace is curated with risk-free, instant-on apps and services for SEO, Social, Video, Advertising, Websites and more. Local businesses are quickly adding new revenue streams while meeting all of their customers needs.

Shortened time-to-market

Enable and start using new digital products the same day—no RFPs or technical integrations required. Plus, instantly accessible dashboard to get the ball rolling.

Diversified product offering

Discover and easily package all of the digital products you need to use. Including the most popular and powerful marketing solutions that every local business needs.


No more waiting on reports with complicated charts, just 24/7 access to proof of work and performance with no question whether the job is being done and done right!

Ready-to-use apps & services only available in Marketplace

The more you utilize, the more you save. Get unbeatable volume pricing.


This list is growing. Book a free demo with us today to hear about our newly added best-in-class local business products.

Take a swim with the Sharks!

Shark Media Group is a complete digital marketing platform for businesses of all sizes. From a single platform with a full suite of products and services, Shark Media Group empowers you to expand your current solutions to stimulate the growth of your brand. This means reduced acquisition costs, streamlined and automated proof of performance that will drive customer retention while saving time.